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How to Bring Out Aspects of Your Personality

When it comes to your personality, you might think that you’re stuck with those parts of yourself that you wish you could change. However, new research has shed light on the topic. One school of thought now supports the idea that some personality traits can be altered by the individual just by putting their mind

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8 Actions that Get You Past Your Perfectionism

 Perfectionism can cause paralysis. It creates fear and stops you from living your dreams. When you’re worried about making everything perfect, nothing gets done.  Try these tips to get past your perfectionism so you can move forward: Pay attention to your inner thoughts. Perfectionism can sneak up on you and take over your thoughts. Listen

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Build Confidence with an Effective Action Plan

Reading self-improvement articles and books can be a good investment in yourself. However, unless you make a real effort to apply the strategies to your life, little is likely to change. There’s a big difference between knowing how to do a pushup and doing 100 pushups each day. Knowing what it takes to become self-confident

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The Art of Reflection to Find Peace in Your Life

What is it you want to do with your life? How do you think you’re going to make it happen? If you’re not sure, then self-reflection is in order. Even if you have an idea where you want to go, you may want to consider doing self-reflection exercises to ensure that you remain on the path

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9 Ways to Keep a Positive Attitude

Your attitude impacts everything in your life. Your happiness, satisfaction, career, and relationships are all impacted by your attitude. Life can be challenging, which can make maintaining a positive mental attitude even more challenging. But, if you want to turn your life around, having a good attitude is the first step to making everything else possible. 

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Tips to Keep Passion and Purpose Burning

It’s important to keep your passion alive to fuel your purpose. Use these strategies consistently to feed the flames: Keep in mind that success breeds more success. Celebrate your small victories. Nothing is too small. Share your achievements with others who appreciate your work and mission. Make a list and mark off each step as

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