How to Bring Out Aspects of Your Personality

When it comes to your personality, you might think that you’re stuck with those parts of yourself that you wish you could change. However, new research has shed light on the topic. One school of thought now supports the idea that some personality traits can be altered by the individual just by putting their mind to it.

Apply these strategies to sway your personality traits in a direction you desire:

  1. Recognize the positive effects of aging. As we grow older, the sharp edges of our personality that we may dislike tend to smooth out and become less troublesome. We become a nicer version of ourselves.

  2. Realize that life experiences contribute to personality change. Interestingly, as you experience major life events such as graduating from college, finding a job, getting married, having children, and taking on other adult responsibilities, your personality morphs so you can fit into your chosen life.

Our experiences change us, usually in positive ways. To a certain extent, we grow and adjust every single day.

  1. If you want to build stronger relationships, work on being more agreeable. Being agreeable includes considering the needs of others before your own and stepping up to be a helpful, giving individual.

Rather than make your life be solely about you, connect with others. As you become more agreeable, your relationships will bloom and prosper.

  1. If you wish to be a better parent, focus on being more giving and accepting of others. Because being a parent requires more giving than receiving when it comes to your kids, it’s important to train yourself to be more giving in general.

Because kids do things differently than adults, knowing where they are developmentally will be of tremendous help to you as a parent.

Your seven-year-old didn’t make her bed perfectly? Recognize the work and coordination it took for her to make it as well as she did. Your ten-year-old didn’t put all his clothes away? Thank him anyway and use positive words and voice tones to encourage him to finish the task.

Be less demanding. Your kids will thank you for it. Plus, when you’re easier to please, your children will please you more often!

  1. The more focused and conscientious you are about changing, the more you’ll change. Set specific personal goals in the areas where you wish to grow. Use sticky notes for reminders, and reward yourself for progress made.


Keep your desired changes in the forefront of your mind. Think about them each day and practice them.

  1. Learn to be your own cheerleader. Take note of when you’re accepting of others, more understanding, and less selfish. Give yourself props for becoming the person you strive to be.

Yes, it will take some work, mindfulness, and diligence to change those parts of your personality that you’re unhappy with. However, only you have the power to turn into the human being you desire to be. Feel positive about the progress you’re making each day. You truly can change your personality!

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